Our Work

Current Projects

Here are some of the successful engagements from the past 12-18 months:

Executive Development

  • Coaching:
    • Clients: Manufacturing, O&G, Financial Services, Healthcare and Private Equity.
    • Positions: CEO, CFO, SVP/VP, Partner, Director, and various functional CXOs.
    • Challenges: include succession, skill-building, efficiency/productivity, relationships, leadership acumen, and performance expectations/management.
  • Executive team facilitations
  • Functional/operating strategy

Leadership Development

  • Team development/facilitation
  • Board/strategy process facilitation
  • Functional management/leadership facilitation
  • Succession planning/improvement plans

Human Capital & Talent Strategy

  • Advisor to executives on strategic human capital efforts
  • Base and incentive compensation surveys and plan design
  • Performance management implementation efforts
  • NFP executive compensation plan survey and design


With clients ranging in a large variety of fields, including manufacturing, construction, distribution, technology, medical, energy, finance, insurance, and non-profits we are equipped to handle almost any situation that may arise.

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