Make Communication a Strength

Enhance Collaboration & Decision Making

Set a Trickle-Down Example

Why Triangle Performance?

When executives don’t play well as a team, the privilege of leadership can feel more like a burden.

Having nowhere to go for support can result in:

Blind Spots


Suboptimal Decision Making

Negative Momentum

These things build walls between executives and create a harmful ripple effect on your organization.

Leaders don’t have to get along. But life is much better when they do.

Coaching builds bridges between executives and those they serve.

Communicate with Certainty & Clarity

When good communication is a priority, crucial conversations become more frequent and execs benefit from a better understanding of each other.

Make Better Decisions with Confidence

With exposure to third-party insights, executives can see their blind spots and make good decisions with more perspective.

Find Greater Organizational Impact

Investing in executive team growth will prime your organization for growth through better engagement and operational excellence.

Triangle Performance - Kevin Berchelmann

After 20+ years as an executive and coach, I’ve seen firsthand the damage that comes when executives and their teams get off track.

The good news is that those same executives will do amazing things for their organization when they show grace without letting each other off the hook and promote accountability without creating resentment.

Kevin Berchelmann

Executive Coach & Founder, Triangle Performance

20+ Years. Multiple Industries. Big Wins.

  • Shortened the time-to-success for new leaders by 12 months and almost eliminated manager attrition for a $1b construction company.
  • Assisted double-digit growth through executive team coaching at a $3b agribusiness organization.
  • Improved physician retention and created a development pathway for emerging leaders while facilitating department leadership team coaching for a renowned medical center.
  • Helped reduce attrition by nearly 40% for a 4-location (nearshore) international call center with leadership and executive team coaching.

Don’t take our word for it! Read what our clients have to say!

Mike, CEO
Melody, VP of HR
Jesus | COO
MARK, Department EVC

Hospital Testimonial

“Working with Kevin allowed me to learn from an outside perspective. He did a full assessment of my strengths and weaknesses, and we got to work. He kept me moving forward despite the challenges I faced and played a critical role in me finding my groove as an executive.”

Industrial Chemicals Testimonial

“When I needed long-term leadership development for our leadership teams, I went to Kevin for his insight and direction. He has a wealth of business experience and freely shares his insights and experience, which has been extremely helpful to me.”

Int’l (Nearshore) Contact Center Testimonial

“We are very grateful for what Kevin has done to help our leadership grow. He truly got to know our team, didn’t shy away from difficult conversations, and many of the leaders that worked with Kevin have moved up to the highest levels of our organization.”

Academic Medical Center Testimonial

“Kevin was able to accurately identify what drives our leadership and has a true understanding of our department and its challenges. Our leaders have benefited both as individuals and as a unit from working with Kevin.”

Our Method

With consistency, transparency, and confidentiality, we follow these steps.

1. Build Rapport & Trust

Before coaching begins, we spend quality time with executives to make sure we’re the right fit for your team, organization and industry.

2. Conduct 360 Deep Dives

Coaching begins with pinpointing growth opportunities. This is done by interviewing people around your executives to identify consistent themes.

3. Facilitate Breakthroughs

Understanding your organization and team will serve as confidant, coach, and companion to build bridges between leaders and those they serve.

Triangle Performance — Briefly Stated

At Triangle Performance, we know how critical it is for executive teams to be unified and aligned.

To do this, executives need to be self-aware and understand how their actions impact everybody around them. The problem is…

Many executives don’t have access to relevant outside perspectives or neutral insights from somebody who understands their organization. This causes them to feel like they’re on an island alone with nowhere to go for guidance as they prepare for tough conversations or wrestle with the challenges that come with their position.

We believe executives have the ability to make an immense impact on the people they lead. And we understand how hard it can be for an executive team to play nice when they are left alone to deal with the pressures of performing.

This is why Triangle Performance has been working with executive teams for 30 years years to provide coaching, accountability, and confidentiality so they can process and prepare for the responsibility of leadership in a healthy and productive way.

Here’s how we do it:

First, we build a rapport with your organization and executive team. We don’t work with organizations we can’t truly help. This starts with getting to know your organization and developing an understanding of how your executives operate and think.

Next, we conduct a 360 survey of every leader involved. We interview people closest to the execs to spot trends that are working against them and pinpoint where we can help. Our 360s serve as the starting line for our coaching and we conduct updated real-time 360s in the following months to spot progress your executives make.

Let's Talk

If we can't help solve the challenges your executives are facing, we'd be glad to point you in the direction of somebody who can.

Kevin Berchelmann

Executive Coach & Founder, Triangle Performance

Triangle Performance - Kevin Berchelmann

Let's Talk

If we can't help solve the challenges your executives are facing, we'd be glad to point you in the direction of somebody who can.

Triangle Performance - Kevin Berchelmann

Kevin Berchelmann

Executive Coach & Founder, Triangle Performance

When turbulence finds the c-suite, your entire organization feels the effects.

Coaching stops negative momentum in its tracks and provides the resources necessary for executives to communicate well, enjoy better interactions, and set the example for everybody they lead.

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