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Leadership. “I can’t specifically define it, but I know it when I see it.”

Some may recognize that comment from Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart. He may have been writing on pornography, but so it is with leadership; “We know it when we see it.” You know it when you see it, as do the people working with you and for you.

Here at Triangle Performance, we know it when we see it as well. Better yet, we can help you see it, identifying those characteristics, traits, and behaviors (competencies, for you OD-geeks) that make leaders successful in your organization—since one-size definitely does not fit all. Hence the reason some leaders succeed in one organization but fail miserably in another. Your organization’s culture is unique, its challenges are unique; it stands to reason its leadership needs are equally unique.

The drivers for employee performance are simple—don’t let anyone with a new, glossy hardback tell you different: People must have the knowledge to perform their job, the motivation to do so successfully, and the processes in place for them to put that knowledge and motivation to work for the organization. We help connect those drivers with your leaders. At all levels.

Knowledge. Motivation. Process. It’s what we do, and we do it well.

At Triangle Performance, it’s how We help leaders lead and organizations succeed.

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A Few of Our Clients…

…and What They’re Saying About Us

“Kevin consistently provided me with excellent guidance and resources to refocus and take charge of some challenging situations with our Private Equity investor. I greatly enjoyed—and benefitted—from our time together, and would recommend Kevin to anyone as a top-shelf executive coach and confidant.”

John Matheson CEO Maxim Industrial Services, LLC

“Kevin's knowledge of management development is excellent; he helped our leadership group grow individually and as a team. He was a friend and confidant to me and other executives.”

Ron Crittendon Executive Vice President Votorantim

“I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact that Kevin can have on an organization, and his ability to create measureable financial success is rivaled only by his genuine commitment to his client’s success.”

Mark Randig Corporate Quality Executive

“Kevin … has a very strong grasp of the strategic issues facing tech companies, and is 100% effective at orchestrating a successful strategic planning process.”

John Nutting Director of Engineering

“You've successfully coached several of my key managers; as an investor and chief executive, I realize your contributions to our success.”

Michael Banz, President & CEO, AIV Inc.

“A heck of a job, well within severe budget constraints, and over a month sooner than we had expected!”

Lawrence E. Boese, Brigadier General Deputy Chief of Staff, Plans and Programs United States Air Force

Mike Smith Director Frank Crystal & Co., Inc.

“If employees – particularly your leaders – are really your most valuable asset, Kevin's engagement will provide tremendous increased in value to your company.”

Mike Smith Director Frank Crystal & Co., Inc.

“Kevin is also great for those five minute phone call answers that many consultants can never seem to provide. Beyond all of his professional acumen, Kevin is a heck of a nice guy and I consider him to be a friend.”

Burt Moorhouse President & CEO

“Kevin has exceptional business acumen, and a relentless focus on delivering results. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again soon.”

Jason Wilcox Founder, Managing Director Wilcox Swartzwelder & Co

“Kevin is a first-rate advisor and facilitator. He's focused on solutions and results and tailors his approach for the issues at hand. He is a trusted resource for me.”

Troy Williams President Macmillan New Ventures

“You saved us well over $1.5M in unnecessary payroll expenses, while playing a large role in the subsequent $6.7M increase in productivity.”

Donald M. Hermann Vice President Human Resources

“ADM is a Fortune 50 company; we can literally choose anyone in the world to assist with developing our leaders. We chose Triangle Performance for that effort, and the results have been incredible .”

Christine Helle Director, Human Resources

“Kevin is a straight-shooter with keen business insight and a sensitivity to navigating a complex stakeholder environment. I've worked with Kevin on multiple occasions over the past decade and have repeatedly turned to him as a trusted advisor.”

Jonathan Crystal Executive and Principal Crystal & Company

“I like the frank, open way you communicate with us; I never have to wonder if I'm getting "consultant-speak" or your real opinion. That degree of openness is both refreshing and infinitely more helpful than my experience with other consultants. ”

Doug Brakhahn Plant Manager ADM

“Since bringing you on board, AIV's Net Profit has grown by almost 20% per year. I'm convinced we couldn't have done it without you.”

Michael Banz President & CEO AIV, Inc.

“I personally appreciated the way Kevin handled the sensitive nature of our project and how he efficiently navigated through the necessary fact-finding and zeroed in on the critical issues. ”

Paul Downes President Mountaire Farms

”Kevin is one of the most progressive and creative leadership experts I've worked with during my 30 year career. Great listener, coach and mentor.”

Randy Dragon SVP, Media Technologies The Walt Disney Company

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Leadership Feedback
By: D. Kevin Berchelmann
Email Kevin: kevinb@triangleperformance.com

What does poor communication cost businesses today?

Between reduced productivity, lost talent and other direct and indirect losses, a recent Unify survey indicates lackluster communication can cost businesses up to $5,000 per employee each year. Big bucks.

Communication isn’t rocket science, but it does require thought and care.

A cornerstone of business communication is the feedback system, whether formal – by way of performance reviews, or informal – addressing an employee’s performance (good or bad) and outlining potential course corrections.

Feedback, especially among a leadership team, is critical to a business leader’s growth and decision-making. Frequently, however, the idea of feedback – what it really means – gets misconstrued. Sometimes CEOs think they are providing proper feedback when they simply reprimand an employee as a result of a mistake or error. And while it is important to address mistakes and errors, as C-Level leaders, feedback is often inefficient because there’s no plan in place for these types of communications.

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