Triangle Performance, LLC provides an innovative approach to dealing with leadership, human capital and performance-driven challenges for our clients. From a variety of backgrounds and industries, our clients typically approach us with performance, productivity, or leadership challenges.

We start every engagement by identifying the “pain,” or financial impact. Before engaging with our clients, we listen, assess and understand the challenge. Our recommended solution will be tailored to address our clients’ unique pain points and needs, and could include:

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Executive & Management Improvement

Except for a handful of charismatic leaders mentioned in history books, leadership, for the most part, is learned skills and behaviors, and is certainly critical path to any organization’s success. This includes line supervisors, management and most significantly, the senior leadership team. Coaching, at the executive and senior management levels, can be a rapid and personalized path to skill-building. Facilitated executive-level learning discussions (via local sessions or “retreat-based”) incorporate personal leadership experiences and build on core leadership and teamwork principles.


Not all planning is 5-8 days of highest-level strategy (though we can certainly facilitate that process). To be effective, much real planning occurs at the functional level and is how the organization actually carries out the ideas, plans and vision from the “strategy” level. That functional planning should be every bit as real, structured and correctly facilitated as the other so organization direction may be carried out “where the rubber meets the road.” Additionally, though a large part of any planning succeeds based on facilitated discussions, we use a modular approach to help us guide you through that process.

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Knowledge is a cornerstone of performance, and virtually all demonstrable skills (yes, including leadership and management) are learned skills. Tailorable for all levels of your organization, our training goes beyond the robotron “talking head” at the front of the room, utilizing dynamic, highly-interactive facilitation techniques to deliver real results from our efforts. Additionally, we believe training is best done in manageable bites, rather than a 3-5 day “forced march;” each program is modular, with sessions normally running 3-5 hours.

Assessments and Succession Planning

Understanding behavioral preferences and personality styles is critical to a leader’s personal and professional development and benefits both the individual and the organization as a whole. Assessments are just one tool to help businesses identify the interplay between behaviors in the workplace and integrate individual contributors into a high performing team. Succession planning helps organizations develop real bench strength – so necessary today for continued success.

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Organizational Design

W. Edwards Deming remarked that “the system” is responsible for as much as 80% of the errors (your challenges, problems or issues) faced in an organization. Identifying those systems issues, such as organizational structure, control, processes, and accountabilities can play a significant role in setting the stage to succeed.

Human Capital Strategies, Structure & Focus

Human Resources is, contrary to the beliefs of many, not simply about “people.” It’s a discipline about “the business of people.” A discipline that happens to utilize the “people” element (literally, the human resource) to contribute financially to an organization’s success. Pardon the grammar, but it ain’t about picnics, parties, and dress codes. It’s about metrics, measurable returns and real strategic contributions. Some organizations may want assistance in creating that strategy direction in their own internal HR function. Others simply want retained access to a higher level of Human Capital focus. Key deliverables can include compensation plan design and implementation, HR planning, facilitating and driving employee engagement, and implementing sound, repeatable performance management processes.

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