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Employee Retention: It Ain’t the Money! (June 25th)

In a recent survey, 70% of respondents ranked money fifth or lower as important in job satisfaction. Join us as we explore what it really takes to hold on to employees in today’s competitive environment.

Employee turnover is expensive, but it doesn’t mean you have to throw money at your employees to make them happy.

Here’s a tip: fix the free stuff first.

In this webinar, we will discuss practical ways to divine the root cause of employee dissatisfaction, talk about some simple tools for monitoring engagement, and share some strategies for making your current level of labor dollars more effective.

Past Webinars

Thank you for your interest in our Leadership Webinars, listed below are all our past webinar recordings. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference.

Conflict is for Winners–quit avoiding it!

Talks about some of the whys and wherefores but most importantly, how to manage it for the benefit of your team and your organization.

Leadership Team: Is that a herd, a flock, or a gaggle?

In this webinar D. Kevin Berchelmann, President & CEO at Triangle Performance, LLC, discussed Leadership teams, and the challenges they face (and often create themselves).

You talking to me? Effective Communications for Leaders

In this webinar D. Kevin Berchelmann, President & CEO at Triangle Performance, LLC, discussed why communication efforts fail and provide some tips, techniques and nifty ideas to improve your leadership communication skills.

What… You Waiting on Me? Empowerment, Delegation, and Managing Monkeys…

Provides real-life tips and techniques on how to effectively equip your employees and make sure you are creating value in everything you are doing.

Bad Performance Management, the Silent Culture Killer

The topic discussed is how to get more out of the investments you make in your team members. This webinar provided attendees with a detailed overview of how poor performance management actually hurts an organization.

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