Ask Yourself These Questions:

Are you convinced your leaders are as successful as they should be… as you need them to be?

Are some of your leaders—managers, supervisors—just not “playing well” together?

Are your processes—and your culture—congruent? Effective? Achieving strategic objectives?

Do you feel like you may not be getting all you can from your human capital efforts?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, Triangle Performance, LLC provides an innovative approach to providing tangible and measurable success to our clients. By innovative, we mean that we don’t bring with us a specific methodology, trying to squeeze your challenge into our predetermined solution—we aren’t a “hammer,” seeing everything as a “nail.”

At Triangle Performance, we start by listening. Really listening, to assess and understand your challenges and problems. In this initial meeting, we’ll speak in-depth about the issues your company is facing. We’ll provide our initial, candid thoughts and feedback while determining, with you collectively, whether a further relationship would be beneficial for us both. Regardless of that outcome, we will leave you with a working direction, suggestions and thoughtful advice, an “outsider’s insight,” to the challenges you are facing.

In other words, you’ll leave our initial meeting with some value. Not (we hope!) as much value as you will receive by engaging with us, but we’re in this for the long term, and are happy to provide some assistance at almost any level. We also believe in a blue-ocean sort of world, where good things come to those who do well with and for others; we don’t play typical consultant-games if your challenge is something easily resolved.

The Performance Triangle

The Performance Triangle™ is simply a model for managing and improving performance. If your employees aren’t performing as well as you want them to, we believe there are only three possible reasons:


They don’t know how.


They don’t want to.


We won’t let them.

The Performance Triangle™ model addresses those three conditions, and is the foundation of our work. These drivers hold true for everyone in your organization – entry level to senior leader, teams and individual contributors. We help connect your leaders with what drives your workforce.

Knowledge. Motivation. Process. It’s what we do.

Our Firm

Triangle Performance, LLC is a solutions-focused management consulting firm specializing in executive improvement, leadership development and organizational effectiveness.

Our Team

Learn more about the exemplary professionals who make up Triangle Performance, LLC.

Let's Talk

If we can't help solve the challenges your executives are facing, we'd be glad to point you in the direction of somebody who can.

Kevin Berchelmann

Executive Coach & Founder, Triangle Performance

Triangle Performance - Kevin Berchelmann

Let's Talk

If we can't help solve the challenges your executives are facing, we'd be glad to point you in the direction of somebody who can.

Triangle Performance - Kevin Berchelmann

Kevin Berchelmann

Executive Coach & Founder, Triangle Performance

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