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Get a Real Job! …and make sure they know what you do

A couple of decades ago, my daughter accompanied me to my cubicle in the Pentagon as part of Take Your Child to Work Day. Pretty boring for an 11-year-old who observed that my entire morning consisted of “playing” on the computer, talking to my friends around the...

You Want It When??!!  …aka Artificial Deadlines are Useless

Another Monday morning and I’m looking at the list of things that had to be done last week but aren’t.

I guess they didn’t have to be done.

Some of us have boundary-setting challenges that make our lives more difficult when we start babysitting monkeys from other people’s circuses. And then some of us have deadline-setting challenges that make those around us stop taking our sense of urgency seriously.

Leadership and Healthy Conflict

Leadership and Healthy Conflict Healthy conflict: Good.  Unhealthy conflict: Bad.  There endeth the first lesson… The key, of course, is knowing the difference between the two. I frequently say that when reasonably intelligent, well-intentioned people disagree, the...

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