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Triangle Performance, LLC is a solutions-focused management consulting firm specializing in executive improvement, leadership development and organizational effectiveness.

Yadda, yadda, yadda… blah, blah, blah… change the name, and it sounds like every other consulting firm’s About Us page. Not only boring (be honest, you don’t read all this crap), it borderlines on intentional exaggeration.

How about this: we’re actually going to tell you… wait for it… About Us! Transparency and consulting—maybe not as mutually exclusive as you thought. Keep reading, and we’ll help you discern between reality and consultant-speak.

Consultant-speak: Triangle Performance LLC was founded in 1998.

Reality: Triangle Performance was incorporated in 1998, did business for a couple of years, and then was dormant for a couple more while the principals were back in the corporate world. We started up again in 2004 and have never looked back. Kevin B. was flying solo until 2011, and we grew considerably in 2014 – from one full-time consultant to three. Why do one-person “firms” say “we” all the time, anyway? As your grandfather would say, “You got a frog in your pocket?”

Consultant-speak: We have a network of consultants that can help with any project, no matter the details or scope.

Reality: We know all the same out-of-work, interim “consultants” that you do, and if we include a reference to them here, we look bigger. We actually have three full-time consultants; all of us work from home offices, and it’s pretty darned unlikely we can’t handle the workload. When one of us says “I’m in the office today,” it more than likely means “I’m not traveling, not with another client, not golfing, and I’m reasonably available.”

Consultant-speak: We have offices in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

Reality: Each of the three consultants mentioned above have their home (office) in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Ergo…

Connect With Us

Consultants-speak: We create custom-solutions for your organizational challenges.

Reality: We may create something for you from scratch, and it’ll come at a premium. Most likely, we’re going to draw on what we’ve done and the resources we’ve used before (within confidentiality confines) and tailor it to your specific needs. Hardly anyone today needs a custom, from-scratch solution for challenges faced by so many other organizations. The needs analysis must be unique, and the application will be unique—because your organization is unique—but the solutions can be (and should be) kept as simple as possible. Employees, including executives and receptionists, do better with simple.

Some facts (decidedly not consultant-speak) about Triangle Performance:

Our clients:

Change is a common theme among our clients, whether they are from energy, manufacturing, healthcare, or some other industry. They all have something going on—some reason they want to have a conversation with us. Whether driven by a new senior leadership team, a recent merger or acquisition, financial turnaround or restructuring, or just a renewed focus within the business plan, we can understand your challenges and create a tailored (not custom, remember?), executable solution.

This pretty much sums up our thinking:

We believe strongly that…
Leaders make a bigger difference than any amount of capital investment.
Leadership is a learned skill that should be continuously developed.
Occam’s Razor—simplicity first—should drive your thinking. If you hear hoof beats, it could be zebras… but it’s probably horses.
Leaders learn better from leaders; having “been there, done that,” makes a difference. Certifications, training and coaching qualifications, and even authoring books—may have some value—but if they haven’t really led others, can they really teach leaders to lead? Simply put, no.
We utterly reject the premise that:
Unsuccessful managers must be replaced (at least before real efforts at improvement).
There is only one way to lead.
There are new leadership concepts – there are only new authors. Real, meaningful leadership hasn’t changed significantly in a couple thousand years.
Leaders can learn effectively alone, in a vacuum. Nothing beats a homogeneous team of leaders learning, developing, succeeding and failing… together.
Triangle Performance combines leadership development strategies (coaching, facilitating, training) with productivity and performance improvements (the consulting part), human capital strategy, and uniquely developed opportunities to enhance and/or refine existing skills.

Triangle Performance thrives on successful, measurable results and won’t settle for anything less. We stay on it—at no additional cost—until we get you where we agreed you would be.

It’s how We help leaders lead and organizations succeed.