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Executive Improvement

What’s in a Name?

-- A rose by any other name… Synonyms. Don’t you just love ‘em? Some examples: Word             Synonym Bossy         ...

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The Magic of a Conversation

If you’re not coaching your employees who is? Chances are it won’t be your best performer! Not coaching your employees is akin to a football coach choosing to watch the scoreboard as his primary strategy for winning the game. Unfortunately, that is what many managers do, they use the scoreboard to tell them there are problems (or successes), rather than being in the game itself.

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Developing Leaders

Bad News Bearers

…do we kill the messenger? We’ve all heard – and probably used – the idiom no news is good news, meaning that if we...

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Perfectionism Revisited

            … stop being a do-it-all About 4 ½ years ago, I wrote a piece for At C-Level about being a Recovering...

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Prohibition is Back

Welcome to the new Roarin’ Twenties! The last Roarin’ Twenties was a decade marked by economic growth, technological...

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Organizational Excellence

Officers Eat Last

There is a tradition, especially among our military’s ground troops, that officers eat last. I’ll let the Army and...

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