Case Study

Publicly Traded Aerospace Company

Leadership training program for senior-level managers.
We delivered.


Our management development program improved revenue by $1.3 million through newly launched projects.

Our management development program was successful because it focused on the client – rather than the content. Processes are important, but real-world context is critical.

The Rundown

Sector: Aerospace

Challenge: Poor succession preparation for candidates in senior leadership roles

Solution: Senior-level management program

Result: Internal promotions, $1.3M cost improvement


Client Over Content


As the aerospace industry experienced increasing challenges, a major player in the sector needed a
targeted, formal training program for senior-level managers. The client had existing leadership development efforts. The other programs did a
fantastic job of preparing young managers for fast career growth.

But the organization lacked a formal program designed for the leadership challenges faced by the more senior managers and directors. These training programs would prove invaluable to empowering high-potential employees to transform their potential into applied capability.


Working with the client’s internal staff, we developed a selection process targeting individuals currently
included in the company’s succession plan. The list was vetted by high level executives who identified and committed to mentoring one or two individuals for the senior-level training program.

This sponsorship allowed the mentor to engage in the coaching process throughout a nine month period. Initial responses by the selected participants were somewhat tepid.

But once a more robust communication and education plan was initiated, responses became
much more positive and the experience proved invaluable for trainees and the organization as a


Senior-level managers have established a defined set of expectations and processes related to
their role within an organization. We had no problem developing a program designed to propel these
managers toward professional growth, increased responsibility and the opportunity to develop projects that would benefit the company’s bottom line.

The program combined individual coaching and mentoring with a range of assessments, offsite
training and a self-identified business improvement project with real business implications.

The program was delivered over a period of three business quarters and culminated with each individual providing a brief overview and presentation of their business project to the senior leadership team and either reporting results or asking for financial support to proceed further with their project.


Within six-months of graduation, nine of the participants were promoted to higher level roles, three with P&L responsibilities. Additionally, the
organization benefited from an immediate $1.3M cost improvement (direct & indirect) through the
business projects that were initiated.



“I never have to wonder if I’m getting “consultant-speak” or your real opinion. That degree of openness is both refreshing and infinitely more helpful than my experience with other consultants.”


Doug, Plant Manager – Fortune 100 Manufacturer

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