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Jedi Mind Tricks & Mercenaries
September At C-Level
Presidential election is heating up, SCOTUS drama, some cities and states are opening up a bit, others... not so much. Consider that masks have become a new and significant cottage industry; the global face mask market, barely $750M in 2019, is expected to reach almost $4B (that's billion with a B) by 2025.

Here in Houston, we've tied the all-time record for named storms for a year, and we've still got a month or two remaining.

Lots of moving parts. Stay calm, stay focused. See the video on Weathering the Storm - whether climate or business.
The September edition of At C-Level.

1. Change My Mind -- Jedi mind tricks and other sleights of hand

2. Do We Need the Job... or do we want to be a leader?

3. Dude, take the survey! 2021 SSL is open for participation!

We live in interesting times. Let us know if we can help in any way - we're here for you.
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Change My Mind
-- Jedi mind tricks and other sleights of hand

By D. Kevin Berchelmann

These are not the droids you're looking for...

A classic line from a classic movie. Obi-wan Kenobi used his jedi mind control and power of suggestion to manipulate the thoughts of a couple of Imperial Guards. They thought they had discovered the runaway droids, Obi-wan convinced them they had not.

When we want someone to change their mind - to switch their beliefs about something from theirs to ours - we can't simply wave our hand and say, "This is not the project you're looking for..." while wearing a cool-looking hoodie.

Do We Need the Job
-- or do we want to be a leader?

By Kevin Ross

Here's the situation: We've got an important position to fill and are prepared to pay handsomely for the right person. We find someone with great credentials, solid experience in the sector, and references with the right pedigree. The interview goes well, and when asked why they're leaving their current position, the response is something along the vein of:

Well, it's not really about the money; things have significantly changed in the company since I came on board, and I just don't think the culture's a good fit for me anymore.

We successfully lure our prospective hire onboard with a nice raise and a generous signing bonus. What we don't realize (yet) is that we've just bought ourselves a mercenary.

A mercenary.

Dude, Take the Survey...
Triangle Performance LLC's 2021 Survey of Senior Leadership begins today! This will be our twelfth year for the annual survey; the participant rate continues to grow, as does the validity and direct applicability of the data presented. You should be receiving the survey link in an email in a couple of weeks. Or, you can click here to take the survey now.

The 2020 SSL (Survey of Senior Leadership) is still available!
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