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Sausage, Vegetarians & Elections
October At C-Level
The presidential election is still heating up. This week, we have cooler temps, another hurricane in the gulf, halloween and a rare blue moon. I'm plenty ready for some regular, routine, "precedented" times...

We've been doing frequent, brief, focused sessions (in-person and via zoom) for clients recently. Topics have included accountability, communications, feedback (it's that time of year) and resiliency (go figure). Let us know if we can do that for you - you choose the topic.

Lots of moving parts. Stay calm, stay focused. See the video here on Leadership can hurt - better wear a helmet!
The October edition of At C-Level.

  1. Leadership Vegetarians -- Sausage-making sucks
  2. Dude, take the survey! 2021 SSL is open for participation!

We live in interesting times. Let us know if we can help in any way - we're here for you.
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Leadership Vegetarians
-- Sausage-making Sucks

By D. Kevin Berchelmann

Leadership and management, as discrete processes, can be messy. Sometimes really messy. Ugly. Gross. Maybe even a little disgusting for the faint of heart.

Not the stuff everyone sees; the messiness is behind the scenes, where the sausage is made.

I was coaching a newly promoted leader at a client organization. Sharp guy, lots of potential, people all around him trusted his intentions and judgment. By all appearances, a successful promotion. The problem started, however, when he pulled back the curtain, and saw how the sausage was made.

In fact, during our conversation his exact quote to me was, "Kevin, after seeing how the sausage is made, I'm thinking screw this... I want to be a vegetarian!"

Dude, Take the Survey...
Triangle Performance LLC's 2021 Survey of Senior Leadership begins today! This will be our twelfth year for the annual survey; the participant rate continues to grow, as does the validity and direct applicability of the data presented. You should be receiving the survey link in an email in a couple of weeks. Or, you can click here to take the survey now.

The 2020 SSL (Survey of Senior Leadership) is still available!
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