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Accountability, Covid and Waiting for Some Free Time
July At C-Level
Ok, now it's hot.

We seemed to put off the "real" heat as long as possible, but now it's here. Add insufferable heat to the list of pandemic, hurricane, hornets, et al.

I'd say something from the smart-assery playbook like "great, what's next?" but I'm afraid mother nature is taking that as a personal challenge these days.

By the way - try to think and remain positive, especially in the face of challenge. As leaders, we set the tone. Here's a 4-minute video on trying on some positivity for a day; give it a shot. 
The July edition of At C-Level .

1. The Problem with Accountability - Or, hey, it's not my fault!

2. Leading in the Crisis After Next -- Success in a Post-Pandemic Environment
3. Our 2020 Survey of Senior Leadership is still available for your download! Lots of good info, peruse at your leisure.
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The Problem with Accountability
-- Or, hey, it's not my fault!

By D. Kevin Berchelmann

Accountability isn't about blame , it's about ownership .

We recently conducted a workshop on Leadership Accountability. Powerful, uncomfortable stuff. People squirming in chairs, eyes shifting around, not making eye contact... even being accountable for understanding accountability was difficult.

Damn. How'd we get here?

First, let's discuss what Accountability is in the leadership context, what it isn't, and what it looks like when worn correctly...

Leading in the Crisis After Next
-- success in a post-pandemic environment

By Kevin Ross

To the tune of Come on Eileen : COVID-19, yeah, I want to scream...

As I put pen to paper to write for this month's newsletter - yes, I'm a late adopter to technology - my mind was blank, as it has been for much of the past several months. On what seems to be the 153 rd day of March 2020 spent mostly just with my wife and her dogs, I wondered what more I could contribute to other people's thoughts about dealing with and leading through a crisis.

Then I noticed that most of the pontification focuses on how leading effectively through the COVID-19 pandemic requires simply changing how we work with and through new virtual tools and processes. Not a bad topic to catch up on if you've been resting on your laurels lately, but it falls woefully short on addressing how we could spend more of our time and brainpower planning for post-COVID success. There's been plenty of talk about the former and much too little about the latter.

And that's a leadership issue .

Of course, it's PC - meaning "pre-Coronavirus."
Stay tuned; 2021 SSL will open up soon for input.
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