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Saints, Sycophants and Snorkelers
January At C-Level
Well, we're already 8.3% done with 2020. Expect the rest of it to go just as fast, so be ready. Plans are always outdated, and seldom withstand first contact with the enemy; plans are still necessary to best chart even a changing course.

Damn, that's deep.

Our last chance for the big ask... if you haven't done so, please take our insanely brief 2020 Survey of Senior Leadership (SSL) . We'll close it out in about a week, and would really like your input. Unless you've already taken it, in which case, thanks, and I'll shut up about it now. But really - please take it.
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Leadership and the Devil's Advocate: Saint or Sinner?
By D. Kevin Berchelmann
"Yes" men, "No" men, or some happy medium?? ("men" used for convenience, and is in no way gender-specific)...

Do we want our closest and/or brightest to agree with us, butter us up, lick our boots, kiss our derriere or any of a dozen other euphemisms for sucking up merely because it was our idea?

Or are we actively seeking constructive, challenging dialog??

Must we always have complete, obedient agreeance (not sure that's a real word, but my baby sister Elizabeth always used it, so here it is), or do we really want diversity of thought?

Prohibition is Back
By Kevin Ross
Welcome to the new Roarin' Twenties!

The last Roarin' Twenties was a decade marked by economic growth, technological advances, an increase in leadership opportunities for women, a society tired of war, fascination with material wealth, and a social media obsessed with sports and entertainment celebrities.

Deja vu all over again?

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