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Chicken Little, Roses, and Coach Bennett's Cash
September At C-Level
It's September, marking the ending of Q3 2019. Summer is over, Labor Day is checked off. School has started--we're running out of year.
Chicken Little said, "The sky is falling, Henny Penny."

And with that statement, Chicken Little starts a series of over-reactions by some well-meaning, but short-sighted executives. Okay, not exactly executives, but the meaning holds true: now's not a good time to over-react . It is time, however, to get real about a couple of things:

Plans : Get clear on what we have done and what we haven't that we wanted to, and the reasons for both. Strategic and functional planning should be in work.
Leadership needs : Now's the time, not after you realize you have an immediate need and scream "holy crap!"

If we can help with the coaching, leadership development or strategy parts of your now-high-speed efforts, you know how to reach us…
Dude, Take the Survey!
Our 2020 Survey of Senior Leadership (SSL) begins now! This will be our 11th year for this annual survey; the participant rate continues to grow, as does the relevance and applicability of the data presented. You should be receiving the survey link via email in a couple of weeks, or you can click here to take the survey now.
2019 Survey Results
Another big thanks to those who participated in the 2019 survey. Your inputs gave us good insight into what your concerns are as we hurtle towards 2020. 

Developing current and future leaders along with operating cost management continue to be regular favorites, though the comments spoke more to  future  leaders this year. New to the game are your personal concerns around AI, IoT and Machine Learning, and the need for an Accountability Culture.

Download now —it’s free.

Freebie Alert...
We’ll be finishing our 2020 pro-bono plan in November. This is a major part of our consulting practice, and a necessary part of our personal lives. Please contact us if you know of a worthy, charitable not-for-profit that could use some help with leadership, coaching, or related challenges. Pro-bono means free . (Trust me, the question comes up frequently!)
Featured Articles
What's In a Name
--A rose by any other name...

By D. Kevin Berchelmann

We use a lot of words interchangeably. Sometimes we’re accurate, and the different words mean substantially the same thing. Other times, to paraphrase Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride: “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

In this brief article, I’ll introduce five word pairs of words that many managers use as synonyms. The problem is, they simply are not synonymous, and the real meanings matter. In some cases, bigly. In future articles, I’ll address each word pair in detail, fleshing out some of the nuances and meanings, and providing examples for relevance and application.

Leaders Wanted!
...Bosses need not apply

By Kevin Ross
Based on the way I read the latest engagement surveys, the number of bosses missing the opportunities their leadership positions are providing is almost mind-numbing. It certainly appears to be numbing the minds of the people working for them.

The storyline doesn’t deviate much regardless of what industry or government service sector I talk to: 1) new boss comes in or is promoted from within; 2) boss gets stressed by pressure to deliver; 3) boss stresses team to deliver; 4) team members burn out and get demoralized; 5) team members disengage or leave. The time spans to get from 1 to 5 vary, but it’s the same old song .

If you haven’t heard the song, that doesn’t mean it’s not being sung in your organization.

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