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Tolerating Slugs & Tough Conversations
March At C-Level
We're nearly 25% though 2019.


That should either energize you into action or scare the hell out of you. Budgets are put to bed, goals are set, and we are a quarter of the way to completion. At least we should be. If we're not, something is amiss. Your process is broken if, on a calendar year, you aren't locked and loaded and in a dead run (sorry for mixing metaphors--I get excited about this stuff).

If it's your issue, get past it... if it's a leadership issue, change it, fix it, or get rid of it. It's acting as an effective anchor to an otherwise steaming vessel.
Survey is close—so close--to being finished...
Participation is closed for the 2019 Survey of Senior Leadership; it would have been great to have results completed for this edition of At C-Level, but alas, it was not to be. Another great turnout... to those who participated, thanks so much! To those who didn’t... well, you know who you are.

Though the results are still being tallied, we can give you a taste of the results... you had a lot to say about aligning organizational strategies with social values, cybercrime and generations leadership.

Sorry, that’s all you get for now. Stay tuned—participants will receive the survey overview shortly, nonparticipants (we’ve got our eye on you) can see it in April’s At C-Level.
Featured Articles
Tough Conversations: Have ‘em or avoid ‘em?
By D. Kevin Berchelmann

Nobody really likes them. Tough conversations make us uncomfortable. Maybe we even don’t know what to say or how to say it. We don’t always know how to handle them without either damaging a currently-positive relationship or escalating a crappy one.

Either one, our druthers are to not have to deal with them. Unfortunately, that’s seldom an option. Unlike fine wine, good scotches and well-kept cigars (I’m simply listing my relevant vices), the conflict behind the need for those conversations does not get better with age.

Don’t Tolerate Bad Behavior…
Or You'll See More of It
By Kevin Ross

Have I told you about the time I got fired? I was a 25-year-old hotshot, fighter pilot wannabe stuck in west Texas as an Air Force instructor pilot. I’d had three bosses in 18 months and was still in the process of breaking the new one in.

“I was sure he was coming around when he made me his right-hand man, but apparently, he thought being in a leadership position meant I was supposed to be a good example for others. He expected me to – get this – be at work on time.”

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