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Coaching Slugs = Burning Money
July At C-Level
July was hot. The penultimate summer month. Trust me, I'm in Houston and I can tell when it's summer.

Time to take a moment--no, really, take a moment, folks--to review your 2019 plans, goals, and objectives. Rationalize 'till you're blue if it makes you feel better... you're either halfway home or you're behind.

Anything else is sophistry.

If you aren't at least halfway there, find out why. Is it procrastination? Poor initial planning? Lack of talent? Substandard performance? Ineffective leadership? (oops, did I say that last one out loud?)

Worse than not achieving some goals this year is not achieving goals next year for the same reason(s).

Reach out if we can help. Email, text, tweet... send smoke signals from the grill. Whatever works.
The Results Are In...
Our 2019 Survey of Senior Leadership is complete, and another big thanks to those who participated. Your inputs gave us good insight into what your concerns are as we hurtle towards 2020. Download now—it’s free.

Developing current and future leaders along with operating cost management continue to be regular favorites, though the comments spoke more to future leaders this year. New to the game are your personal concerns around AI, IoT and Ma-chine Learning, and the need for an Accountability Culture.
Featured Articles
Coaching Slugs
...What if they just don't get it??

By D. Kevin Berchelmann

Coaching Slugs... the uncoachable. Also sometimes known as:

º Light's on, nobody's home.
º She just doesn't get it.
º How'd he slip through HR?
º The 80/20 rule...

As egalitarian and "fair" as we sometimes hope to be, there's no getting around it -- some employees can be a waste of our development time, and we should stop doing that the instant we realize that condition. Make an effort, to be sure, but get better at knowing when it’s time to fish or cut bait.

Inspired or Not, Here You Come!
By Kevin Ross

Who has the most influence on the mood in your workplace?

If you’re part of the leadership – formal or informal – you do.

Especially if your mood reveals your anxieties about the organization or job security, or your lack of compassion for those struggling to meet your expectations.


In one of my favorite comic strips ever, Calvin sums it up nicely: “Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around a little bit.”

Like leading by example, you don’t have a choice about impacting the office climate with the mood you’re emoting. You may not be aware that you’re doing it, but that’s a matter of your emotional intelligence, not reality on the ground.

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