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New Year, New You ... Same Leadership?
January At C-Level
Happy New Year!

Seriously, we hope your new year has started well, and that you have well-defined, forward-looking plans and strategies for the year.

Oh yeah—and the existing or potential leadership to pull it off.

Here’s something we post each year to help us all keep our eye on the ball: How'd you do last year?
Survey Says...
Triangle Performance LLC's 2019 Survey of Senior Leadership begins now! 

This will be our 11th year for this survey, and it now includes items on AI, generations and social values; the participant rate continues to grow, as does the validity and direct applicability of the data presented. 
You should receive the survey link in an email in the next few weeks, or you can click this image to take the survey right now.
What do we really do anyway?
We get asked that from time to time, by people who haven’t worked with us, obviously. While management consulting is technically accurate, it barely scratches the surface of what Triangle Performance brings to the fight. In fact, we think there should be a lot more leadership and a little less management, and that more people should know the difference between the two. 

If you’ve ever wondered what we really mean by executive coaching, leadership development and organizational effectiveness, click on the image for a better idea.
Featured Articles
Leadershop 2019: A new year, let's do it right!
By D. Kevin Berchelmann

2018 is in the can, finished. Stick a fork in it, it’s done. A new day has dawned. 2019 is here, we’re a couple of weeks into it already. Soon, we’ll be discussing how fast January flew by, then Q1. 

Have you made plans? Personal goals are great. Business objectives are super. But do you have specific plans to “do” leadership better in 2019? No? Why not?

The (not so) Great Communicator
By Kevin Ross

In her book Fierce Conversations, Susan Scott writes, “The fundamental outcome of most communication is misunderstanding.” That’s never been truer than in today’s multi-generational, multi-cultural workplace. It’s a subject that is as old as the Tower of Babel itself, but a couple of recent miscommunications reminded me that I am not the Great Communicator Ronald Reagan was. 

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