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December At C-Level
Well, depending on your view of life, it's either the beginning of the end of 2019, or an early beginning to 2020. Either way, we're less than a month away from closing the chapter on this year and this decade, and the new excitement - and sometimes sheer horror - that brings.

Sorta depends on your perspective, doesn't it?
If someone didn't cut it this year, that performance (or lack thereof) is on their shoulders. If the same occurs in 2020 (pay attention, this part's important), that's a leadership accountability.

To do nothing is simply the absence of leadership.

Now is the time for planning, both for organizational strategies, goals, and directions, and for people - make sure we have the right ones, in the right places, with the right skills.

If we can help with your planning or development, you know how to reach us.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!
Freebie Alert... LAST CHANCE!
We'll be finishing our 2020 pro-bono plan in November. This is a major part of our consulting practice, and a necessary part of our personal lives. Please contact us if you know of a worthy, charitable not-for-profit that could use some help with leadership, coaching, or related challenges. Pro-bono means free . (Trust me, that question comes up frequently!)
Featured Articles
2020: Ready or not...
--Here it comes!

By D. Kevin Berchelmann

New year, new you!

Resolutions, here we come!

This is the year it all happens!

Yadda, yadda, yadda... give it a rest, will ya? It's not that we don't want to do well every time the calendar turns over, because we do. It's just that we don't actually plan with purpose and set ourselves up for success.

So, how do we do that?

Sayonara to 2019
-- Another decade in the can.

By Kevin Ross
Kinda scary to think we've put another decade in the can. For the millennials out there, I don't mean the trash can; it's an old movie-making phrase that means we're done. And speaking of a decade, last month marked the tenth anniversary of my retirement from the United States Air Force.

I'm not one who likes to live in the past, nor am I asking anyone to look back over the last decade and reflect. That would take introspection to the extreme sport level, and living with a mindset of "if only I'd..." is depressing.

Instead, I thought I'd look to next year and use some of the lessons learned in the 20-teens, and I learned a bunch! Ten years ago, I thought the corporate world would be a lot different than my experience in the military. Leadership-wise, I was wrong .

And since we're in the leadership development business, here are some things I'd like you to consider as we head into the next decade:

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