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Feedback 2020
- In the future, we'll actually communicate!
By: D. Kevin Berchelmann

(Note: This is the first in a series focusing on Leadership 2020-what leadership will look like in the year 2020 and beyond. Because as Bob Dylan (youngsters can look him up on Wikipedia) was fond of saying, "Times, they are a'changin'." Leadership better change with the times, or their relevance will suffer a rapid and painful death.)

Feedback's not getting easier,
just more essential.

Tom Peters once described a really unique method of communicating at a client company... he said they talked to each other. Now this was some years ago, so talking may have morphed into various forms today (email, text, etc.), but the concept is still true-personal communications is a necessity, and will be crucial for leadership success in the future.


"Teamwork" has forever been a buzzword in our business world. Nevertheless, we in Leadership have frequently had a hard time "playing well together," despite the fact that the need is more pronounced now more than ever.

Join Kevin Berchelmann on July 23rd at 2PM CT as he discusses Leadership teams, and the challenges they face (and often create themselves).

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It's a Conversation, Not an Event!
By: Bo Carrington

Consultants, trainers, human resource managers and the like have harped on giving feedback and coaching employees for as long as I can remember, but the fact that they still harp on it (plus my own personal experience) tells me that the message for some reason [...]


The Leader Effect, The Impact of Development on Leadership Effectiveness

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The Leader Effect will use individual surveys and repeatable research indicators to provide an ongoing index-a score-of the current and ongoing effects of actively developing leaders on the overall success of leadership in organizations today. Please participate in this new and valuable resource; the survey is short and sweet, and you will receive the quarterly summary of The Leader Effect, along with regular background articles and white papers relevant to the research results.

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Feedback 2020 - In the future, we'll actually communicate!
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It's a Conversation, Not an Event!
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