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Leadership Presence - What is it and Who Cares?

This month's At C-Level focuses on Leadership Presence. 

That "way of being" that some leaders have that gets our attention-makes us want to follow. We trust them, are inspired by them, and believe them. Many times, we're not even sure why.

That sort of innate behavior is developed over time, and can be improved by anyone willing to put forth the necessary effort and dedication to learning and self-development. It's within reach for us all, but we have to do some heavy lifting to get there. 

And no one can do that for you.

Enjoy the articles, sign up for the webinar, and feel free to read, watch, download and comment on the various resources available here. The development mentioned above starts now...

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Leadership Presence - When Being Trumps Doing

By: D. Kevin Berchelmann
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You walk into a room full of business people. Your eyes scan quickly. In short order, you spy the person in charge. No name tags, no place cards, no thought balloons over their heads saying "Grand Poobah."


You just know. Like Justice Potter Stewart opined on pornography, "...I know it when I see it."

That's Leadership Presence.

You know these people, and can recognize them instantly. They inspire confidence in others through their own, which exudes without a trace of arrogance. They always seem to have time for you--never seeming overly rushed, harried, preoccupied or burdened by the normal managerial demands of scheduling, meetings and phone calls. They are in the present, and it shows. They listen.


Upcoming Webinar


Thursday, April 9, 2015

2:00-3:00 pm Central 

Join us on Thursday, April 9, as Kevin Berchelmann talks about the behaviors behind that mysterious thing called Leadership Presence. Justice Potter Stewart, when asked to define pornography, said "...I know it when I see it." Now, far be it from me to compare leadership to pornography (is leadership the oldest profession or the second-oldest profession??), but the sentiment rings equally true when asked to define Leadership Presence... We know it when we see it. Listen in as we unpack the emotions a bit and help discern the traits and behaviors that really make up this elusive condition, and how we can actually develop some of those behaviors in ourselves and others.


Leadership Presence - The "It" of Leadership

By: Bo Carrington

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We all want it, seek it in others, and happily follow it. So what is the coveted "it"? The "It" we're talking about is leadership presence. Unfortunately the "it" is hard to define--and even harder to emulate--because unlike leadership in general, presence is not a series of things we do; it is instead a state of being that impacts others in a meaningful way. Leadership presence is what separates good leaders from great leaders. Research shows that the manager or executive with strong leadership presence is generally better situated for significant career growth than their peers with lower leadership presence.

So what is Leadership Presence, and why is it important?

Think for a moment: a leader walks into the room and automatically something changes. Most can't describe what just happened or what caused it without using words, other than describing it as an "it." What we hear from them is, "There's just something about that guy/gal, not sure what "it" is, but I like it". Has the manager ever done something for those in the room... maybe, maybe not; yet something(the "it") compels them to like, trust, and follow him and seek to be around him. 



What Does Leadership Feel Like?

By: Kevin Ross

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Probably too many attempts have been made to define leadership.

Everyone seems to have their own favorite definition. More often than not, it comes down to "I know it when I see it."

So instead of struggling to identify good leadership behaviors, try looking at the leaders you've known through a different lens. Ask yourself, "What did their leadership feel like?"

We follow leaders because they make us want to, not because we have to.

It's an emotional decision to choose to do more than we have to. Good leaders get our discretionary effort because we appreciate how they make us feel - about them, about ourselves and about the organization.

Over the course of my Defense Department career, I had the privilege of working for and with a number of great leaders...and some not so great ones. There were as many different styles as there were leaders. I tried to emulate the good ones; the bad ones...well, let's just say not everyone served as a good example.

I've got the stick for a minute.



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