Star Trek, Star Wars & Emotional Intelligence
September At C-Level
Captain's Log, Stardate September 2015

These are the voyages of the Starship <fill in your name>...

OK, a hokey start, I know, but relevant. Summer is over, Labor Day is checked off. School has started, and we're nearing the start of Q4--we're running out of year. Make certain, as we wind up for the second half of 2015, that we accurately determine and catalog what we have done, what we haven't that we wanted to, and the reasons for both. Hope is nice, but it sucks as a strategy.

Are you ready? You've got about three months to rock the world, and that doesn't include taking time off for Christmas and/or year-end holidays. Time to get real about a couple of things:

Plans (strategic, of course, but don't forget functional plans as well), and 
Leadership needs (now's the time, not after you realize you have a need and scream "holy crap!").

Pay attention--we're running out of year.
Featured Articles
Emotional Intelligence Is Great!
by D. Kevin Berchelmann

...but beware of the Dark Side.
                           - Yoda

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is a good thing, right? Goodness knows, all the books, articles and blogs certainly say it is. I half expect to read about Emotional Intelligence ending world hunger, or staving off a devastating hurricane.

Use Your EQ for Good, Not Evil
by Kevin Ross

Why know what your EQ is if you don't use it?

It's been 20 years since Daniel Goldman's book "Emotional Intelligence" was published, and interest in the subject doesn't seem to be losing steam. There are volumes of research that link social and emotional abilities to personal success and seemingly countless self-help books on improving your EQ. 
EQ, EI, EM - what do I want?
by Bo Carrington

Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity are two terms often used interchangeably. They shouldn't be. Emotional Intelligence continues to be a hot topic, and companies frequently invite a parade of trainers to educate employees on Emotional Intelligence when what these companies really want is a workforce with greater Emotional Maturity.  Unfortunately, we're creating a workforce of people with higher EQs, but who aren't using what they know because they lack maturity.
Leaders & Laggards
In this section, we take a look at recent news and events, and make a gut-reaction determination for three categories:

Demonstrating Clear, Personal Leadership
Leadership Milquetoast
Medicocrity in leadership. Usually an opportunity to taken, or similar.

Leadership has its idiots, we show you who they are.
"Newsflash: move over, Gordon Gekko, women can be fat cat capitalist bastards too"-The Guardian magazine on Yahoo!'s Marissa Mayer.. 


"We're too busy playing 'who's is bigger?' to worry about our tanking businesses." McDonald's and Burger King in the faux-corroboration for world peace. 
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"Life is short. Have an affair." -The King of Infidelity, Noel Biderman, recently ousted CEO of cheater's website Ashley Madison...!

Survey of Senior Leadership
The results of our annual survey of top executives, covering top business and individual challenges, and anticipated changes in the months ahead.

Triangle in the News
Kevin Berchelmann spoke at TEEX Leadership Conference

San Marcos, Texas

View Presentation or Watch on YouTube
Motivating Slackers

An American Express OPEN forum with Bo Carrington

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Performance Management is Dead-Long live Performance Management!

Article by Kevin Berchelmann published in Corporate Compliance Insights

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Meetings Are For People Who Aren't Too Busy

Pulse article by Kevin Ross published on LinkedIn

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