Leaders Wanted: Cowards Need Not Apply
October At C-Level
We're in Q4 of 2015... where has the year gone?

If you're anything like me, the time is whipping by waaaay too fast. And not just because it means I'm getting older, though that's obviously true. It just feels like I need more year to get done the things I need to for 2015. Ever feel that way? The reality of course, is that either we're on plan/schedule/budget, or something didn't work right. Something that we control, or could have controlled.

Like I mentioned last month: rationalize 'till you're blue if it makes you feel better... you're either on-target or you're behind. Anything else is sophistry. 

Time to get real about a couple of things:

Plans (strategic, of course, but don't forget functional plans as well), and

Leadership needs (now's the time, not after you realize you have a need and scream "holy crap!").

Triangle Performance LLC's 2015 Survey of Senior Leadership (our eighth annual) is available, and with almost 15% more respondents than last year, a rousing success, and as usual, quite enlightening! 
Featured Articles
by Kevin Ross

"...men don't follow titles; they follow courage." Braveheart

Are you a courageous leader? Do you really know why people do what you say?

The Courageous Leader
by D. Kevin Berchelmann

Courageous Leadership.

I'm not talking about hand-to-hand, gun-to-gun, charge the hill type of courage. No, bravery in battle is not the same thing as courageous leadership. And make no mistake about it-leaders need courage to be successful.
Nobody wants to follow a coward. It's that simple. And yes, cowardice is the opposite of courage, no matter how much that word hurts. 
The Courage to Lead
by Bo Carrington

Courage is a trait possessed by all great leaders. So much so, that without courage, leadership is a farce at best.

Please understand that I'm not just talking about the kind of courage we see on television or in the movies (think John Wayne), nor am I advocating for the bravado or arrogance many associate with "leadership", instead, I'm speaking to the courage necessary to stay the course and to do the right things.
Leaders & Laggards
In this section, we take a look at recent news and events, and make a gut-reaction determination for three categories:

Demonstrating Clear, Personal Leadership
Leadership Milquetoast
Mediocrity in leadership. Usually an opportunity not taken, or similar.

Leadership has its idiots, we show you who they are.
"We have an outstanding group of folks who are good candidates for the CEO role."-Memorial Hermann's Board Chair Will Williams on CEO Wolterman's retirement announcement. Succession done right. 


"So, maybe we weren't really leading after all?" Chevron's CEO Watson, commenting on the oil patch getting caught flat-footed-and now having to actually lead- with $50 oil.

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With so many to choose from, we stopped with just two...

"It was the software's fault, not mine." -Mart Winterkorn, V-dub's ex-CEO after getting busted playing fast and loose with emissions monitoring doodads.

"No, really; the Columbia route was a strategic decision for us." United's ex-CEO (thankfully) Smisek after being investigated for swapping a vacation route for the NJ/NY Port Authority wonk's vaca digs in exchange for reduced lease fees at Newark. Glad to see you leave, Jeff.


Survey of Senior Leadership
The results of our annual survey of top executives, covering top business and individual challenges, and anticipated changes in the months ahead.

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