Leader Development - How hard can it be?
December At C-Level
Stick a fork in 2015; like the proverbial holiday goose, it's done.

How'd you do? Did you get the things accomplished that you set out to do at the beginning of the year? Most of them? Some of them? Any of them??

If so, great. If not, why not? Now - right now - is the best time to answer the following questions:
  1. Regarding those things successful in 2015, what made them so? Was it because of my leadership, or in spite of? Is it repeatable, and if so, do I know exactly how I did it in the first place? For those I lead, have I appropriately recognized their successes?
  2. If we failed to accomplish some of our plans, goals, or objectives... why? Was it because we failed to do something we could have done, or were there really-really-circumstances beyond our control (honesty is important on this one)? For those I lead who performed less than satisfactorily, am I addressing that performance appropriately?
While you're asking questions, how have you performed as a leader? Have you asked anyone... like those you lead? If not, now's the perfect time. And I don't mean just "Hey, Jane, how am I doing as a leader?" Believe it or not, that might not actually elicit an open, meaningful response.

The ideal solution, of course, is a well-implemented 360-degree feedback effort (we're happy to help in that regard). If you don't want-or feel you need-the detail that comes from such an effort, do something less involved; I'm talking about just using something simple, like Stop, Start, Continue.
Sit down, one on one, with those you lead directly. Tell them you want (need) their feedback to improve, and to make their jobs better (and likely easier). Tell them you'll be asking three questions, and you would like at least one input or response for each question. Then ask...
Ask the questions, then shut up while they answer. No defensive drilling down, no "but what about...?" comments, nothing but head-nodding, note-taking, and a "thank you for that input." If you need a worksheet/template to use, you can download one here: 
Featured Articles
by D. Kevin Berchelmann

Folks, let's be clear: Developing leaders is not the hardest thing you'll do this year. It may very well be the most important, but it ain't the toughest.

The problem is not complexity, effort or difficulty. Its wherewithal. Simply put, if you want it badly enough, you'll do it, and do it right. If you don't, you won't.

Leadership Development - What a Waste!?
by Kevin Ross

There's been a lot of clamor lately about companies wasting their leadership development dollars. Many do, but that doesn't mean leadership development is a waste of money. The simple truth is: if you're not getting the bang for your buck, it's because you're doing it wrong.

Strategic Thinking - The Right Development Target
by Bo Carrington

Christmas is almost here! With that comes the end-of-year reflections on our development goals we set for this year and reconsider those planned for the coming year.  I'd like to make your search for new development targets easy this year and do what most coaches don't: tell you what to do.

Leaders & Laggards
In this section, we take a look at recent news and events, and make a gut-reaction determination for three categories:

Demonstrating Clear, Personal Leadership
Leadership Milquetoast
Mediocrity in leadership. Usually an opportunity not taken, or similar.

Leadership has its idiots, we show you who they are.
"Ouch!"-Steeler quarterback Roethlisberger, as he pulled himself out of the game against the Seahawks.  

This leader admitted he was human!  


"I'm giving away all of my money. Well, perhaps give is a strong word...." Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg announces in a sappy letter to his newborn daughter that he's going to "give away" 99% of his wampum. Sort of... Kind of... In a fashion... Ok, not really.

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"Here's money for you, and you, and you... and don't forget you!"  VA Secretary Robert McDonald paid out serious money in performance bonuses to people who... didn't perform. What the hell, it's not like it's his money... 


Triangle in the News
International Institute of Directors and Managers 

Kevin Berchelmann's Article - The Real Truth About Employee Turnover

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Training-Best Practices for Leadership with Contact Center Supervisors

Kevin Berchelmann was interviewed for a current article on leadership development for call center Supervisors.

Motivating Slackers

An American Express OPEN forum with Bo Carrington

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Who's got your Six?

As a leader in your organization, who's got your back? Are the people you work with watching out for you, or do you find yourself covering your six to keep from being stabbed in the back?

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