Changing Times, Leaders & Laggards: August At C-Level
Times, they are a'changin'...

Texas has finally busted a 5-year drought. Heinz is buying Kraft... Halliburton buys Baker Hughes. Trump is leading the pack. Blackberry is barely holding on. Oil prices $100+ this time last year, today $50. Then, there's Bruce Caitlyn Jenner. Oops, too far, my bad. 

Things change. David Bowie sang, Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, and he was right.

Nothing endures except change.

Along that theme, we've been making some changes here at Triangle Performance. This newsletter is new, for example. We try to make these things informative and valuable enough to read. We welcome your comments on both design and content.
  • Our website redesign is finally done:
  • Kevin B.'s new blog:
  • Finally, our 2015 Survey of Senior Leadership is complete, and results are in-see below for details
  • Tell us what you think. About our content... about our new layouts... about life and leadership in general. We want to hear from you.
Featured Articles
The Magic of a Conversation
by Bo Carrington

If you're not coaching your employees who is?  Chances are it won't be your best performer! 

Not coaching your employees is akin to a football coach choosing to watch the scoreboard as his primary strategy for winning the game.  Unfortunately, that is what many managers do, they use the scoreboard to tell them there are problems (or successes), rather than being in the game itself. 

To Delegate, or Not to Delegate?
by Kevin Ross

Leaders have got to get better at delegating.

Intentional leadership takes time, and there are already plenty of demands on the 24 hours we have. Our jobs certainly aren't getting easier, and I'm betting that most of your day isn't consumed by core leadership tasks like motivating, developing, mentoring and guiding others toward the implementation of a vision. 
The Times, They Are a'Changin'
by D. Kevin Berchelmann

Change is simple; just close your eyes, hold your breadth, and wait. It happens.

Effective change management, on the other hand, takes some skill. From my view of the world, 3 things are necessary for senior executives to successfully drive positive change. 
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Leaders & Laggards
Recent news and events, and the leaders that make them.

Clear, personal Leadership. Rockstar stuff.
Leadership Milquetoast
Mediocrity in motion. Someone "unclear" on the concept.

Leadership has its idiots, we show you who they are.

"If you have bureaucracy, and bullshit, all of that, you are going to fail."-Jamie Dimon, Chase CEO, on the need for powerful, effective teams. 


"Let's pay everyone $70 grand, then see what happens." Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments. Aftershocks of his $70K minimum wage continue...


"Our system is down, our customer service sucks and our network was hacked; I've got an idea, let's buy back $3B in stock (and pay me 40% more)." -Jeff Smisek, CEO United Airlines


Survey of Senior Leadership
The results of our annual survey of top executives, covering top business and individual challenges, and anticipated changes in the months ahead.

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Leadership Feedback-You're doing it wrong!

Article by Kevin Berchelmann published in Texas CEO Magazine.

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Motivating Slackers

An American Express OPEN forum with Bo Carrington

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Coming Together: The people-side of merger integration

An article published by Kevin Berchelmann for Corporate Compliance Insights.

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