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Leading change -- until it hurts
By: D. Kevin Berchelmann

"Change agent" is overused. It's simply a euphemism for leadership today. Organizational change today is a constant, leader-driven process, not a succession of singular events.

We forget that change is an ongoing cumulative process. After we plow through those initial, successful movements toward our change goal, we believe that we can expect the same level or pace of change in the future. We then become disappointed when our next "snapshot" or measurement of change doesn't measure up to the first.

"What the heck happened?" we ask...


The most effective way to lighten your load is through delegating tasks and activities and empowering your employees, however, more often than not leaders either don't know how to effectively delegate to their employees or simply don't do it at all. Join us on May 15th at 2pm CT in this informative and practical session on successfully managing your effectiveness through proper empowerment and delegation. During this session Bo will provide real-life tips and techniques on how to effectively equip your employees and make sure you are creating value in everything you are doing.

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Change Leader or Change Manager,
Which are You?

By: Bo Carrington
Research shows that almost 70% of all change efforts FAIL or are only partially implemented (which is a failure in my book)! That is a staggering number, but what is more staggering is that the statistic is not changing. My lead in question to you is: "Are you contributing to that [...]

The Leader Effect, The Impact of Development on Leadership Effectiveness

Triangle Performance, LLC is launching The Leader Effect, The Impact of Development on Leadership Effectiveness, surveying leaders and organizations to determine the effect and impact of leader development on leadership effectiveness.

The Leader Effect will use individual surveys and repeatable research indicators to provide an ongoing index-a score-of the current and ongoing effects of actively developing leaders on the overall success of leadership in organizations today. Please participate in this new and valuable resource; the survey is short and sweet, and you will receive the quarterly summary of The Leader Effect, along with regular background articles and white papers relevant to the research results.

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Leading change -- until it hurts
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Change Leader or Change Manager, Which are You?
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