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Stealth Communication
- I'm just sayin'...
By: D. Kevin Berchelmann

Communication: I'm not sure that word means what you think it means...

First, that phrase in the subtitle above - "I'm just sayin" - drives me nuts. I hate it.

Now that I feel better for sharing...

A diversity consulting firm called The Novations Group, apparently surveyed a couple thousand managers, and concluded that managers were poor communicators [...]


Join Kevin Berchelmann on April 16th at 2pm CT in a relevant and practical session on communicating as a leader. Why do we screw this up so badly, and so frequently? Successful leadership and effective communications are inextricably linked; it's all about the transfer of information and the accurate understanding of that information. We'll investigate why communication efforts fail and provide some tips, techniques and nifty ideas to improve your leadership communication skills.

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It's Not the Words, It's the Message
By: Bo Carrington

When it comes to effective communication, who really is the judge? Based on my experience all too often managers think they are the best judge of how clear they are. I mean their message is completely clear to them so why would it not be with any intended receiver (like an employee) [...]


Survey of Senior Leadership
2014 Business Challenges

The results are in! In our last newsletter we asked that everyone report what business challenges they were facing, and after gathering all the data we have compiled the following statistics. Click on the link below to view our findings and don't forget, if you need help tackling any of these challenges, you can view our website at www.triangleperformance.com for valuable resources or request a consultation by contacting us at info@triangleperformance.com.

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"Team-Driven Executive Development"
- HBJ.com
"Incentive Compensation During Challenging Times--Boom or Bust? Taking the brutality out of brutal honesty"
- Fortune


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Stealth Communication - I'm just sayin'...
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It's Not the Words, It's the Message
Survey of Senior Leadership 2014 Business Challenges
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