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Teamwork Sucks
- I like "Synergistic Leadership" better
By: D. Kevin Berchelmann

Teamwork is overrated.

Space... the final frontier...

Teamwork... the over-rated concept...

Teamwork is misaligned, misinterpreted, misused and misunderstood. And "it ain't all that," anyway.

Now, before I'm accused of organizational blasphemy, realize I'm speaking of "teamwork" in its most common evolution within companies. It's been reduced to "playing well together," "getting along," "not rocking the boat,' and other ridiculous euphemisms that interfere with true teamwork.


"Teamwork" has forever been a buzzword in our business world. Nevertheless, we in Leadership have frequently had a hard time "playing well together," despite the fact that the need is more pronounced now more than ever.

Join Kevin Berchelmann on June 11th at 2PM CT as he discusses Leadership teams, and the challenges they face (and often create themselves).

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Teamwork - It's not kumbaya, it's WORK!
By: Bo Carrington

Since I was a kid, it seems that the holy grail of working with others has always been the elusive "team" work. Thousands upon thousands of books have been written on the topic. Many of those books provide magical theories or models for developing teams and subsequently team work. Having read many of those books I can say that most offer great ideas and very logical models that help us understand the certain aspects of successful teams. Few however address what I believe to be the root of effective teams. While I can't and won't say that any other [...]


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Check Your Ego At the Door... It Might Be You
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Leadership Success or Failure? How to Avoid Organizational Incongruence.


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Teamwork Sucks - I like "Synergistic Leadership" better
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Teamwork - It's not kumbaya, it's WORK!
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