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Performance Management is Dead...
-Long live performance management!
By: D. Kevin Berchelmann

Necessary evil. Pain in the rear. The management penalty. Performance reviews are called many things, few of them positive. What's up with that?? One of the most important things we do as senior managers is setting, and managing to, performance expectations.

Why, then, do we anguish about it so?

The problem, of course, is we frequently confuse performance appraisals with performance management. We make the appraisal process so damn onerous that no one wants to do anything but the appraisals... forgetting, of course, why we do those silly things in the first place.


Join us March 12th at 2pm CST for an interactive and informative webinar on "Bad Performance Management, the Silent Culture Killer". During this webinar you will learn how to get more out of the investments you make in your team members.

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The Cost of BAD Leadership
By: Bo Carrington

NPR just published a great article about the impact of "toxic leadership," something that I think we all would agree is a problem, and not just in the military.

Aside from the horrifying findings of the research (toxic leaders playing a role in the suicide of our soldiers), the article paints a vivid picture of a very special type of leader, one that I have encountered in many places. The article speaks to a new definition printed in the Army's leadership bible (Army Doctrine Publication) that most, in and out of the military, can relate. What's interesting is that the Army went to significant [...]


Survey of Senior Leadership
2014 Business Challenges

The results are in! In our last newsletter we asked that everyone report what business challenges they were facing, and after gathering all the data we have compiled the following statistics. Click on the link below to view our findings and don't forget, if you need help tackling any of these challenges, you can view our website at www.triangleperformance.com for valuable resources or request a consultation by contacting us at info@triangleperformance.com.

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Summer O'Hare Joins Triangle Performance

Triangle Performance, LLC is pleased to announce that Summer O'Hare has joined the company as Executive Assistant.

"I am thrilled to have a person of Summer's caliber on our team here at Triangle," said D. Kevin Berchelmann, president, CEO and principal consultant at Triangle Performance, LLC. "She brings a strong breadth and depth of experience across marketing and communications, as well as possessing strong organizational skills that will prove beneficial to the company."

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"Team-Driven Executive Development"
- HBJ.com
"Incentive Compensation During Challenging Times--Boom or Bust? Taking the brutality out of brutal honesty"
- Fortune


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Performance Management is Dead... -Long live performance management!
Bad Performance Management, the Silent Culture Killer
The Cost of BAD Leadership
Survey of Senior Leadership 2014 Business Challenges
Summer O'Hare Joins Triangle Performance
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