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But I empowered him...
-What if they don't want it??
By: D. Kevin Berchelmann

I was facilitating a group of key managers recently, and we began discussing effective empowerment and how it would look.

When I opened up for questions, a recently-promoted manager asked, "What if an employee doesn't want to be empowered-what if all they want is to continue statu-quo in their current role?"

This is a great question, that many of us have been faced with at one time or another. Some people want their lives to remain constant; to not change or evolve hardly at all. Others fear failure so greatly they insist they want no additional responsibility whatsoever, thereby reducing the likelihood that they'll be removed [...]


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You are the Reason You're So Busy!
By: Bo Carrington

It never fails that in almost every coaching engagement the client will ask that infamous question "how can I better manage my time?" Interestingly enough my answer has been the same since 1996 when I learned the real secret in one of the best grad school classes that I can remember. That answer [...]


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But I empowered him...
-What if they don't want it??
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You are the Reason You're So Busy!
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