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Q2 is in the can. Summer is in full swing. Trust me, I'm in Houston and I can tell when it's summer. Take a moment - no, really, take a moment, folks - to review your 2012 plans, goals, and objectives. Rationalize 'till you're blue if it makes you feel're either halfway home or you're behind. Anything else is sophistry.

If you aren't at least halfway there, find out why. Is it procrastination? Poor initial planning? Lack of talent? Substandard performance? Ineffective leadership? (oops, did I say that last one out loud?)

Don't be content with simply saying "well, things happen." Or worse, "'s the economy." Dig for the reasons it's not happening. Not to blame, necessarily, but to learn.

Worse than not achieving some goals this year is not achieving goals next year for the same reason(s).

My current focus is teaching leaders to lead. Learning leadership from others (via osmosis or merely sitting nearby) only works (if ever) when the "others" lead in the manner you want your organization led today. Teach leaders how to lead... it's a learned skill, not some mystical birthright.

Reminds me of a story (everything reminds me of a story)... A friend of mine, also named Kevin, is a former USAF pilot, and likes to tell the story of a student pilot calling in with emergency engine trouble. When asked by the tower what he intended to do, the student - not knowing exactly how to handle the problem at hand - replied, "I'll just run 'em until they catch on fire; I know what to do with a fire."

Bad idea for pilots, bad idea for leaders. Learn leadership skills, and you don't have to wait for a "fire" to effectively respond to leadership challenges.

Triangle Performance LLC's 2012 Survey of Senior Leadership (our sixth annual) is available, and with almost 15% more respondents than last year, a rousing success, and as usual, quite enlightening!

Some highlights include:

  1. Revenue/Earnings Enhancement continues to lead the way, and Management/Leadership Performance continues be a big deal.
  2. Clear Vision & Strategy are again important, and have been since we began surveying.
  3. Talent Acquisition and Retention are newcomers to the scene, and Employee Benefits Costs and Legislation bubbled to the surface from dead last?no doubt motivated by current healthcare concerns, legislation, and unknowns.

The summary results can be yours by downloading here.

I'm on TV! Ok, not really... but I do have a new video available that discusses my views on leadership & accountability. It's brief, and includes a golf story - what's not to like??.

Who are you, really?? Take a complimentary assessment. Find out more about candidates; create a benchmark for skills in your organization, and use as templates for coaching efforts. Click here to go to my assessments page; then click on the link to take and receive a complimentary Personality assessment.

I'm in the news (in a good way!)...

CEO Online published my article, Becoming A Purposeful Leader. You can read that here.

My Houston Business Journal feature covering my firm (and a large, multi-year client) for an article on team-centric executive development.

He speaks... (apparently I have a message that resonates with some... who knew??).

In June, I spoke at SHRM's 2012 Annual Conference in Atlanta, on Backseat Driving: Leading the Business from HR...

Here's a photo of the room (pre-speaking, of course);
they estimated around 450 in attendance.

Attendee comments included:

"...your presentation was very perceptive and was certainly one of the most beneficial of all the sessions I attended while at the conference."

"Super presentation! Thanks for sticking around to answer all those questions!"

"Your style was highly engaging and fun. It kept me involved, even as the conference's last session!"

I'll follow that by speaking at the Austin Human Resources Association's Annual Conference on August 24th.

Speaking of speaking... I continue to present two favorite topics:

Sit Down, Shut Up, and Color!
Breaking through employee entitlement...

Leadership is Easy... until it isn't.
Successful leadership in challenging times...

If you have a corporate or association event, I'd certainly enjoy speaking to your group. You can see more information regarding topics and details on my website.

Further, feel free to download and read a few articles that may be relevant today:

Using Your Phone to Call People - and other cutting edge technology for 2012, and

Micro-Management & Pace Cars - Nobody wants either of them to be around...

...and don't forget to check out my blog, But that's just me...; some interesting (I think) posts, like Train 'em, Dan-O, Rackspace & automatic crap, and the mid-management renaissance... please comment, complain, or scream at me if you agree, disagree, or just want your opinion read, seen, and heard

Check me out on Twitter.

If you'd like to know how I can assist you, your organization, or a colleague of yours, please fill out this form and I'll send you some specific information, articles, engagement results, and so forth.

As always, I hope this finds you well, personally and professionally; please give me a call if I can ever help in any way, and feel free to forward this to anyone you feel may be interested. (Really!) I appreciate your referrals.

Warm Regards,

D. Kevin Berchelmann

D. Kevin Berchelmann
Triangle Performance, LLC

JULY 2012




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Analog Leadership meets the Digital World
-- Faster isn't better for things that take time...

Analog... "Analog..." Analog... it sounds so, well, old.

Leadership, in its most successful, meaningful form, is not about size, scope, or reach. It's about relationships. Trusting relationships. Our followers trust that those they hold out as leaders when:

a) That leader demonstrates appropriate competency for their position,

b) The leader demonstrates integrity (does what she says she'll do), and

c) The leader convinces them they have some level of empathy; that they care as much about the subordinate as they do themselves.

Leadership is entirely personal. It's about people. It's all about trust!

Have I beat you to death enough with this yet?

We live in an age where digital medium reigns supreme. Where information, both broad and narrow in scope, can be transmitted instantaneously and simultaneously, across vast networks and collections of people.

That makes it more, not necessarily better.

Sharing information is not the same thing as communicating. And communications are necessary to build that trust we speak of so frequently. Trust, friends, is the very currency of leadership.

You can inform digitally. You lead personally. Information can be digitized; leadership is - and always will be - analog.

Now, don't get me wrong... I'm a long way from a Luddite; I blog, tweet, and facebook. I manage my LinkedIn account, send an electronic newsletter, and subscribe to a multitude of RSS feeds and forums. I use Dropbox, carry a tablet for shorter trips, and have a smartphone roughly equivalent to the total computing power of NASA in 1969. My smokin' laptop syncs with my phone and tablet, and I can access every file I've ever created from my literally any electronic device I own, at any time. I use this stuff.

The digital age has allowed productivity efficiency and connectedness to thrive. Some would say, almost too much connectedness... but that's another article altogether.

But twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, email, and text messaging are no substitute for personal - analog - leadership. Once our leadership credibility becomes well-established, digital communications can certainly help reinforce a leader's message... can inform of things relevant...can even better connect leadership with those seeking direction. But please, make no mistake:

It's leadership first, digital communications a distant second.

Effective leaders, then, can use the digital medium - in all its forms, including social media and even text messaging - to expand their reach and provide information in real time. But please note: I said, "Effective" leaders.

If you're still wearing leadership floaties, or are in some fashion struggling with that "effectiveness" part of the equation, then you, friend, belong squarely in the analog world for now; at least as it pertains to your leadership growth, credibility, and success.

But hey, it's not all bad - at least you don't have to hold your head at arm's length to get a signal...

But that's just me...

For additional reading, see my article, Using Your Phone to Call People - and other cutting edge technology for 2012.

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