I’ve mentioned in earlier blog posts, and now it’s confirmed — many employees aren’t too keen on their managers.

Some results from a recent survey conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity; they surveyed 675 workers from all but executive levels, and discovered:

  • 60% said managers have a tough but fulfilling job. We’ll keep it “our secret” that it’s really a cakewalk, and we’re only in it for the dough.
  • Less than 50% of managers surveyed believe that their organization’s management is “above average. This one hurts. Looking around the room at your peers right now, as many as half believe you’re “not all that.”
  • Less than 40% of non-managers believe we’re above average. But hey — they aren’t “one of us,” what do they know??
  • Almost 20% of non-managers believe their organization’s management team is either “barely deserving the name,” or “hopeless.” Now that’s just mean. Clearly, these slugs have no idea of the pressures we’re under, and the things we do for them on a regular basis.

Depressed yet? Don’t be — there’s some hope in all of this…

According to survey participants, successful managers are those who anticipate things, plan ahead, work towards goals, and balance multiple tasks and priorities with ease. Curiously absent are “leaps tall buildings,” “stops locomotives,” and anything about wearing tights and a cape.

Employees, of course, want managers with vision. They wantleadership.

In fact, when asked to positively describe a manager’s role with one word, top answers were leadershipsupportingmotivational,inspirational, and accountable. No surprises there, eh? Hell, we want that too!

Finally, in a parting show of intellect well above the norm, and representing real smarts that, frankly, we forgot to exhibit, over 40% surveyed said they didn’t want to become a manager. The reasons listed by these Mensa candidates? No/little work-life balance, and too much stress.

Geez… ya think?? If only they knew… wait, maybe they do know, and that’s why (a) they don’t want the job, and (b) insist we aren’t all that good at it.

But you know what? If we put our minds to it, we can get better.

But that’s just me…


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