Men Don’t Follow Titles

“…men don’t follow titles; they follow courage.” Braveheart

Are you a courageous leader? Do you really know why people do what you say?

Okay, some of you might think it’s a stretch to call what corporate and government leaders do courageous. I’m thinking of former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s recent admission that he colluded with then Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson to mislead the public and shape the government’s messaging during the 2008 Lehman Brother’s collapse in a book called – get this –  Courage to Act.  Heaven forbid we perpetuate the over-inflated sense of self-importance many senior leaders have. (more…)

The Courageous Leader

Courageous Leadership.

I’m not talking about hand-to-hand, gun-to-gun, charge the hill type of courage. No, bravery in battle is not the same thing as courageous leadership. And make no mistake about it—leaders need courage to be successful.

Nobody wants to follow a coward. It’s that simple. And yes, cowardice is the opposite of courage, no matter how much that word hurts. (more…)

EQ, EI, EM – what do I want?

EQ EI EMEmotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity are two terms often used interchangeably. They shouldn’t be. Emotional Intelligence continues to be a hot topic, and companies frequently invite a parade of trainers to educate employees on Emotional Intelligence when what these companies really want is a workforce with greater Emotional Maturity.  Unfortunately, we’re creating a workforce of people with higher EQs, but who aren’t using what they know because they lack maturity. (more…)

Use Your EQ for Good, Not Evil!

KDR_EQWhy know what your EQ is if you don’t use it?

It’s been 20 years since Daniel Goldman’s book “Emotional Intelligence” was published, and interest in the subject doesn’t seem to be losing steam. There are volumes of research that link social and emotional abilities to personal success and seemingly countless self-help books on improving your EQ. A recent unscientific consultation with The Google quickly returned about 14 million hits on the subject. (more…)

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